United Switch gear Company equipped with Man Power having over 30 years of experience in design installation ” Commissioning of electrical equipment is an emerging Company in into days electricity market of Pakistan’ in today United Switch gear is at the cutting edge of design and innovation engineering of high medium and low Voltage switch gear and providing retrofit and automation solutions to customers.


  1. Switch Gear
  2. Lighting Road Poles

Switch Gear

  • Main LV Switchboard
  • Motor Control Centre
  • PFI Panel
  • Harmonic Filter Panel
  • Auto Transfer Panel (ATS)
  • Auto Main Failure Panel (AMF)
  • Synchronizing & Load Sharing Panel
  • Solar Panel
  • PLC Marshaling Cubicles
  • Bus Tie Duct
  • Main MV Switchboard
  • MV Harmonic Filter Panel
  • Feeder / Transformer Protection Panel
  • Neutral Grounding Resister (NGR)
  • Pad Mounted
  • Ring Main Unit (RMU)
  • Power Transformer Marshaling Kiosk
  • Distribution Transformer Protection & Metering Panel
  • 380/220/132 kV Control Panels